Quality workmanship is an integral and vital part of our business purpose.

Quality Control (QC) Program

Our objective is to produce work that continually meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers and is consistently superior to the most recent "state-of-the-art". Our comprehensive quality control program assures a fully dedicated effort toward being a quality leader in the industry.


Inherent in our culture is the pride we take in constructing high quality products that exceed the industry’s current standards. Our commitment to excellence has led us to be honored with a number of quality control awards.


Our comprehensive program is designed to fully educate all employees, in:

  • QC standards

  • Measurement toward the standard

  • Recording QC performance

  • Timely corrective actions

Additionally, we work with all stakeholders to ensure everyone is involved in our process.


Quality is part of everyone’s job starting at the core level craftsmen who are trained to produce quality work, measure their work, determine how and when to correct their work, and immediately report any discrepancies to their superior. It is this approach that has advanced IHC to "best in class".

Our QC department self-performs process control activities, QC testing and inspections, and when needed, Quality Assurance/Acceptance (QA) testing and inspections.


The success of IHC has been attributed to the commitment of our people and innovative thinking. Although we have been committed to continuous improvement for many years, in more recent years, it was transformed into a formal Total Quality Management (TQM) program. This program provided the means for IHC to tap a previously untouched resource by soliciting new ideas and ways to improve all facets of our everyday business from all employees. It also allows us to share new ideas between divisions and departments. Our focus has been on "thinking outside the box", turning problems into opportunities, continual evaluation of means and methods, and creative thinking.

TQM means leadership by example. It means leadership that works with associates to establish clear, well-defined responsibilities and objectives for safety, quality and production. This program has allowed us to continuously improve and maintain a competitive edge with motivated people and years of experience that is unsurpassed, allowing us to respond to challenges and establish a corporate culture that attracts and retains the best people.

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