Industrial Pavements

Our experience includes projects with the highest specifications and quality standards in the industry.

Specifications and Quality Standards Highest in the Industry

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) pavements have become an increasingly popular alternative to both asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavements. Industry acceptance of RCC pavements has been fueled by a long history of successful applications in the industrial pavement marketplace, as well as more recent success in roadway applications. Our experience in the production and placement of RCC pavements includes projects for owners such as the Denver International Airport, port authorities, and the US Army Corps of Engineers, whose specifications and quality standards are the highest in the industry.

Industrial Pavement Projects

This $35.9 million project provides for 48 acres of roller-compacted concrete pavement with a 30-year service life, in a configuration that will enable flexible container operations during successive phases of the Bayport projects.


This project constructed an entirely new maintenance and operations facility for a heavy (armored) brigade being re-deployed to Ft. Carson from Afghanistan.


The DIA Concourse C RON Project included 20,862 Square Yards of 8" Roller Compacted Concrete for the pavement areas adjacent to the concourse apron areas, where snow removal efforts stockpile excess snow from around the DIA concourses during heavy snow events.


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