Highways & Roadways

Building highways & roadways for state Departments of Transportation since 1947.

Decades of Experience

IHC has been building highways for state Departments of Transportation (DOT) since 1947. We have won numerous awards for quality, partnering and project management. Our highway projects have ranged in size from less than $150 thousand to over $100 million. Our primary DOT customers, served from our division offices, have included Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas. Internationally, in conjunction with Cemex, we have constructed roads and concession toll roads in Mexico, introducing modern slipform methods for PCCP in a technology transfer program initiated by Cemex with Mexican transportation officials.

Highway & Roadway Projects

Municipal Streets & Intersections (<30k SY), 2018, CO/WY ACPA

Allium Street is a limited access service road allowing vehicle traffic entrance to the east side of the airfield at Denver International Airport (DEN).  These roads are critical for airfield maintenance, fire fighting, and construction vehicles.  The existing asphalt was badly deteriorated, and the area adjacent to Taxiway EC was out of FAA compliance.  This project replaced the failed pavement and corrected the transverse grade issues. 


County Roads Award, 2018, CO/WY ACPA

Reconstruction of Weld County Road 47 was the 3rd and final phase in completion of the Weld County Road 49 Corridor, providing a north-south alternate to I-25 and US85. 


Lucas Drive’s half mile stretches between Middlebelt Road and East Service Drive at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. The high daily wear and tear from serving rental car traffic had seriously deteriorated the pavement. 


County Roads Award, 2017, CO/WY ACPA

The Weld County Road 49 Design-Build Project was the first Design-Build (D/B) project and the largest single contract awarded in the County’s history. The project reconstructed 20 miles of 5-lane roadway including design; safety realignment; extensive drainage; acquisition of 183 private parcels; and relocation of 110 miles of utilities, including major water, gas, oil, fiber, overhead electrical, and telephone. 


Intersections (<30k SY), 2017, CO/WY ACPA

The Weld County Road 47/SH-392 Intersection Improvements Project was part of the County’s future transportation enhancement program.  Knowing that widening WCR 47 was in the near future, the County recognized that reconstructing the intersection in advance would significantly decrease the inconvenience to the travelling public during construction of the future larger project.


Interstate Highways & Expressways Award, 2017, NCPA

The N-27 South Platte River project was a multi-phase, multi-stage project consisting of 16 different work groups, 19 subcontractors, and a Consulting Engineering inspection team. The 24-hour traffic control on site kept the traffic control devices in good working and neat order.  All the extra efforts combined to finish the project ahead of schedule and on budget.


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