An early leader in the design/build and design/build/finance market.

An Early Design/Build Leader

IHC was an early leader in the design/build and design/build/finance market with several State Departments of Transportation and the Department of Defense. We have broad experience, having working both regional professional engineering firms and national professional engineering firms for the design. We have joint ventured with our designer, joint ventured with other contractors, been the prime contractor and worked as a subcontractor on a variety of design/build projects. Our adaptability to assemble the best pursuit/build team for a particular project makes IHC an appealing design/build partner.

CDOT Awards First Project to IHC

In 1997, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) let its first design/build project near Watkins, Colorado on I-70 Airpark, and IHC was the successful bidder. CDOT was pleased with the results and let additional design/build projects. We followed the I-70 Airpark project with design/build projects including I-76 in Hudson, Colorado.

IHC's Largest Airfield Project

Our largest design/build airfield project was Edwards Air Force Base in California at $101M. This being the first airfield design/build project let by the Department of Defense, IHC teamed in a true joint venture with its design partner CH2M Hill. The project included building a temporary R/W, reconstruction of two access T/W’s to the main R/W and the reconstruction of the main R/W. This national award-winning project was completed ahead of schedule with rave reviews from the air force pilots for its extraordinary smoothness.

First Contract for the State of Michigan

In 2009, we completed the first design/build/finance contract in the State of Michigan on I-69 near Capac. Being the first of its kind, we partnered with the State of Michigan on not only the design and construction of the project, but also with the District and Central office on the processing involved in the funding and repayment mechanisms. The work entailed total reconstruction with safety upgrades and added capacity. This award winning project was completed on time and on budget. IHC has since built two more design/build projects in the State of Michigan.

Long History of Success

​​We have been the successful prime contractor on projects with significant design/build elements. IHC, with our design partner, selected alignment modifications meeting geometric standards for sight distance, analyzed alternate pavement sections, and provided design for traffic phasing management.

With our long history of successful design/build work, IHC is well versed on the process and what it takes to satisfy all stakeholders.

Design/Build Projects

County Roads Award, 2017 CO/WY ACPA

The Weld County Road 49 Design-Build Project was the first Design-Build (D/B) project and the largest single contract awarded in the County’s history. The project reconstructed 20 miles of 5-lane roadway including design; safety realignment; extensive drainage; acquisition of 183 private parcels; and relocation of 110 miles of utilities, including major water, gas, oil, fiber, overhead electrical, and telephone.


Divided Highways (Rural) Award, 2012, MCA

Design also included reconstruction of the bridges carrying I-94 over Race Road and the Whipple Road flyover, widening the bridges to FHWA standards.  Both Grass Lake weigh stations were improved with new scales, lighting, expanded ramps and parking areas.  Ramp reconstruction at four interchanges, Portland Cement-Treated Permeable Base, major drainage improvements, signing, traditional and cable guardrail, fencing, plantings and erosion control completed the main project scope.


Silver Award - Commercial Service & Military Airports, 2011, ACPA National

The F-35 Ramp and Security Upgrade, Main Base Runway, Phase 4 - Edwards Air Force Base, a $10.5 Million Design-Build project - completed replacement of the Runway Wings and Keel Section and constructed a new parking ramp for eight of the much anticipated F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.


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